Thermally-Broken Steel Windows and Doors


Arcadia Custom’ thermal steel technology was fueled by the need to produce a steel window and door that would meet the ever increasing stringent energy efficiency building codes of today and tomorrow while not losing any of the classic, timeless aesthetics that steel windows and doors have become known for. Thermal steel is a unique patent pending process utilizing modern materials and state-of-the-art computerized machinery that produce the most precise, energy efficient steel window and door on the market today.

  1. Lasers are used to cut windows and door parts out of 10 gauge stainless steel plates.
    1. Computerized Lasers ensure a level of precision and squareness not available through traditional means of manufacturing.
    2. Lasers cut all hardware and screw holes to guarantee accurate locations.
    3. Rectangular Plates are cut from single plates of steel so there are no welds at the corners, thus ensuring a smooth seamless finished surface.
    4. Stainless Steel ensures it will not rust.
  2. GRP (Glass Reinforced Protrusion), a thermal-break material, is a specifically engineered structural thermal insulator that is cut and processed using CNC equipment
  3. Stainless Steel Plates and GRP are bonded together through a strctural bonding process called “Thermal Mechanical Fusion”. This creates the finished frame, window sash, and door panel assemblies.
  4. High-performance insulated glass is installed in a controlled factory environment utilizing structural glazing techniques ensuring against water penetration.
  5. A fully welded decorative glazing frame is installed as one piece. This method provides a clean, precise finish fit with no unsightly open glazing-joints seen with typical installations.

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The hallmark of our thermal steel windows and doors comes from the durability of steel coupled with minimal aesthetics. With profile widths of one to two inches, we can produce narrow sight-lines and a lightness to the frame for a clean, crisp, modern look that provides security and increased durability over wood door alternatives.


Available Materials

Stainless Steel & Corten Steel


Arcadia Custom’ thermal steel construction and manufacturing capabilities allow for a level of design flexibility not seen in the steel window industry. Whether it is an irregular shaped window, unique door configuration, custom finish color, or an “architecturally correct” muntin bar detail, we have the expertise and product to meet your requirements.

  • Large format oversize doors and windows
  • Unlimited door and window configuartion
  • Mulling options that can create walls of glass
  • Radius and curved-in plane designs
  • Complete product lines:
    • Fixed
    • Transoms
    • In-swing/Out-swing Casements
    • In-swing/Out-swing doors
    • Bi-fold Door Units
    • Sliding Door Units
    • Pivot Doors
    • Custom Designs
  • Screen options:
    • Fixed
    • Sliding
    • Retractable

Glazing Options

  • Single Glazed – ⅜” thick glass available in annealed, tempered, or laminate
  • Dual Glazed – ¼” individual panes with ⅝” air space for 1 ⅛” over all glass thickness (** standard product)
  • Triple Glaze – 1 9/16″ over all glass thickness
  • Muntins available in either Simulated Divided Light (SDL) or True Divided Light (TDL)


Thermal Performance

  • NFRC Certified
  • U-Values as low as 0.26
  • The best energy performance in the steel window industry, with values rivaling high-performance wood windows
  • Factory glazing means products will ship with NFRC label attached to glass

Condensation Resistance

  • Thermally Broken design greatly reduces the chance of condensation seen with most steel and aluminum window construction.
  • Product has gone through Condensation Resistance, or “CR”, testing with results similar to high-performance wood windows.

Stainless Steel Construction

  • Stainless steel construction with paint finish means your door and windows will never develop “Structural Rust”.
  • Chromium found in stainless steel prevents the migration of rust. Mild steel does not have this same natural protection.

Third-Party Testing

  • Our product has gone through extensive independent engineering testing for air infiltration, water infiltration, design pressure, and structural testing.
  • Arcadia Custom meets or exceeds industry standards in all these categories.
Thermal Steel


Featuring narrow sight lines, our TSX1000 Fixed Window is designed to let in light and frame beautiful broad views. This non-operational thermally broken window is an excellent choice for luxury homes with tall or vaulted ceilings or used with other windows and doors throughout the home. Hurricane Impact Rated Series.

Thermal Steel


Our hinged swinging glass French Doors are classically narrow in sightline and elegant in function. With the option of inswing or outswing, installed as a single door or in pairs, they can be used in a combination with fixed sidelites, operable sidelites or transoms to create a variety of unique configurations. They come standard with a multi-point lock and traditional steel lock box.  Hurricane Impact Rated Series.