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A door can exude feelings of the time-worn, rustic American West; it can capture the magnificent elegance and sophistication of a Southern estate; or it can evoke the mystery and grandeur of an opulent Chinese Palace.

At Arcadia Custom, we help you create a quality, crafted door that reflects your personal style and taste, and that fulfills practical requirements of privacy, security and comfort as well. Cross the threshold and discover the door that says ‘you’.


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At Arcadia Custom, our all-wood windows have a carefully crafted, Old World look created from the unmatched stability of Mahogany, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and Incense Cedar woods. Combined with our finest engineering and hardware, we bring you a final product that is not only remarkably solid and stunningly beautiful, but durable and easy to maintain long into the future.

From a design point of view, Arcadia Custom offers a range of window options as limitless as your vision. Choose from our series of traditional casements, double-hungs, sliders, geometrics, or our proprietary Homestead series. We also offer French doors that can match your windows.


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Design Elements

Exercise your options for distinct style. At Arcadia Custom, we offer an unparalleled selection of standard single and paired door models and door tops, along with a variety of customizing options so you can create that door that complements your architectural environment and opens the door to your personal style. View how the sticking and panel details you combine can exude an entirely different look — from contemporary to traditional to rustic old world charm. Discover imaginative alternatives when you choose custom door-top shapes and glass or wood inlay accents. Your new door lets you step into your own.


The time-worn, rugged charm of the Wild West? The rich, Old World grandeur of Europe? Or the polished elegance of a more modern time and place? The wood species and finish you select for your door or window capture a distinctive feel and look, while enhancing its durability. At Arcadia Custom, we continue to use these traditional time-intensive processes to uncover the most unique characteristics in your wood and design a door or window that is unparalleled. Step into your own style with Arcadia Custom.

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Our hand-sanded textures are artfully designed to soften the wood’s edges, creating an elegantly crafted look. And our wirebrushed textures, which duplicate the natural weathering process, highlight the wonderful patterns and grains in your wood. Choose the one that brings out the beauty of the wood—and your style—perfectly.

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Glass Design Elements

Let the light peek in or shine brightly, depending upon the style and size of the glass options you choose. Beyond their beauty, glass options offer practical benefits as well: glazing options that save heating and cooling costs, and reduce sound, as well as increase stability, depending upon your home environment and weather conditions.

Standard glazing is ¾” clear, tempered, dual-glazed, eco-Performance™ glass with a dark bronze composite spacer bar (pictured at right). Some glass size limitations may exist. Breather tubes are required on all windows and doors (with glass) installed at or above 4,000 feet.

Tempered and untempered glass, when placed next to each other, will appear to have a slight color variation. Glass shown was photographed against a gray background. All glass except for bronze tint and gray tint will appear clear.

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Speakeasies and Grilles

Like the small door hatches seen in the Speakeasies of the secretive 1920’s, the Speakeasy is a small, eye-level opening in your door, enabling you to see who is outside without opening the door. It’s not only a lovely historical architectural detail, but a practical form of security as well.

Speakeasies are not available on all door styles.

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